A New Generation Exhibition One Point To Other

One Point To Other: Digital Exhibiton

The International Migration Film Festival, the largest and most extensive thematic film festival in the world, is set to host yet another innovative and interesting section. The festival that seeks highlighting the contributions of migration to societies throughout the history, offers a web-based new generation exhibition experience. The  “One Point to Other” exhibition will be accessible only on a web site.

From the start of the exhibition, the visitors will be directed several questions to allow them to scrutinize the migration context through several concepts such as home, taste and space. The visitors will chose their path depending on their answers to the questions like “What do you think a home is? Is it a feeling? Is it a shelter?”

As an outcome of their answers to these questions, with no rights or wrongs, they will in a sense discover their own migration route while traveling “from one spot to another.” They will be offered a chance to work out this context on an unusual voyage via tastes, music or habits that entered their lives through migration.

The design language of the exhibition is in harmony with the techniques used in cinema and the visitors will also be provided with explanations of a glossary of cinema terms with footnotes.

The exhibition that deeply discusses migration, migrants, the related inter-cultural impacts, their contribution to the civilization, targets raising awareness on migration, opening the doors of perception and offering a new perspective on the world through a rather more direct window.

The exhibition will be open from June 14 to 21 for those who want to experience the deep feeling of migration and a unique memory.

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