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40 Años De Refugio

40 Years Of Refuge


40 Years of Refuge is a story that has taken shape on the date the exodus began 40 years ago, and it is a journey into the asylum history of Spain. Since then, refugees from different parts of the world have continuously come to Spain, and this documentary tells us how they reconstruct their lives. Spain’s Refugee Help Commission continuously works on protecting the rights of these people, and developing asylum and refugee policies. This documentary presents a striking narration about the unchanged borders and undestroyed walls.

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Tuesday, 16 June
Guest: Silvia Venegas
Moderator: Efe Erdal
Instagram Live
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06/16/2020 01:30 PM
06/16/2020 02:00 PM
Q&A – Instagram Live – 40 Years Of Refuge
Guest: Silvia Venegas – Moderator: Efe Erdal
Year 2019, Spain
Language Spanish
Subtitle Turkish, English
Type Short Documentary
Runtime 19′
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Silvia Venegas
Scriptwriter Silvia Venegas
Cinematograpy Alberto Gonzalez
Editing Agustin Serna
Music Oscar Lopez
Producer Silvia Vegenas, Juan Antonio Moreno


Silvia Venegas

  • 2010 – Los Hijos de Mama Wata
  • 2015 – Arte Por Pres Cribcion
  • 2015 – Boxing for Freedom
  • 2016 – Kafana
  • 2018 – Our Life as Refugee Children in Europe