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Göçün 8 Şiiri

8 Poems of Emigration


The 8 Poems of Emigration is a found footage film that focuses on the migration crisis. The film, while focusing on the immigration and immigration issue caused by the wild global capitalism, consists of the images and the found footage from the recording of the work named “8 Poetry of Immigration” that John Berger read to the audience in 2007 at the Fine Arts Center in Madrid. The narrative of the movie is revealed by the conflict between image and sound order. With the out-of-context (misuse) use of commercial images and music, the film creates a critical structure that opposes capitalism.

  • 23. Avanca International Film Festival – Best Film on TV / Best Documentary
  • London Eco Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Rome Independent Prism Awards – Official Selection
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Friday, 19 June
Guest: Kurtuluş Özgen
Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Instagram Live
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06/19/2020 01:00 PM
06/19/2020 01:30 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – 8 Poems Of Immigration
Guest: Kurtuluş Özgen – Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Year 2019, Turkey
Language English
Type Short
Runtime 10 mins
Subtitle Turkish
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Kurtuluş Özgen
Narrator John Berger
Video Footage Storyblocks
Editing Kurtuluş Özgen
Music Archive Benjamin Tisso (Bensound)
Producer Kurtuluş Özgen


Kurtulus Ozgen

Kurtuluş Özgen

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