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In October 2018, 7000 people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador escaped criminals and economic inadequacy in their country and participated in a major migration march. The goal of the march is; Cross the Mexican border and enter the USA. Exodus tells the story of the first caravan of the people of Central America on this march. On the other hand, lawyer and human rights activist Dr Edgardo Buscaglia discusses the details of the event and examines the political stance of Central American states towards migration. A challenging march where faith and despair interfere.

  • Buenos Aires International Film Festival – Best Short Documentary
  • International Short Film Festival – Best Documentary
  • The Mid-World Film Festival Sao Paulo – Best International Film
  • International Short Film Festival, La Cruz y El Mar – Best Short Documentary
  • Retro Avant Garde Film Festivali – Best Foreign Short Documentary
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Wednesday, 17 June
Guest: Oliver Stiller
Moderator: Efe Erdal
Instagram Live
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06/17/2020 12:30 PM
06/17/2020 01:00 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – Exodus
Guest: Oliver Stiller – Moderator: Efe Erdal
Year 2019, Germany, Mexico
Language Spanish
Type Short
Runtime 21′
Subtitle Turkish, English
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Oliver Stiller
Screenwriter Oliver Stiller
Cinematography Oliver Stiller
Editing Oliver Stiller
Music Sebastian Baare/ Pharmaboys
Producer Oliver Stiller
Cast Refugees from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador


Oliver Stiller

  • 2007 -Der Alte und der Zombie (Kısa)
  • 2008 -Vagabund (Kısa)
  • 2011 -Wanderer (Kısa)
  • 2012 – La Careza en el Pastel (Belgesel)
  • 2014 – El Legado ( Belgesel)