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During a random check, the commander of the Czech Customs Unit notices that there are immigrants in the back of a van. In the turmoil that followed, a minor is injured while trying to escape into the forest. The officers scatter the woods to look for the boy who managed to escape. Their aim is to find him and cover up the event. When the child’s father refuses to cooperate, the incident becomes insurmountable and the officers start to mistreat the refugees. It is a fairly harsh short film about human emotions and views against immigrants.

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Year 2020, Czech Republic
Language Czech, English, Arabic
Type Short
Runtime 29′
Subtitle Turkish, English
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Damián Vondrášek
Scriptwriter Damián Vondrášek, Lukáš Csicsely
Cinematography Filip Marek
Editing Jakub Podmanický
Sound Design Luka Šuto
Producer Martina Netíková
Cast Marian Mitas, Raed Farhat, Viktor Zavadil


Damián Vondrášek

  • 2015 – Spolu / Together (Short)
  • 2016 – Vězení / Imprisoned (Short)
  • 2020 – Hranice / Frontier (Short)