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Holy Boom


The story takes place in one of Athens’ multicultural neighborhoods during Easter. Young Filipino Ige blows up her neighbors’ mailboxes just for fun. The life of four foreigners living in the same district changes as a result of this event, because the destroyed documents were very vital for all of them. Lena and Manou’s LSD strips, letter for Thalia from Thalia’s abandoned child, and Adia’s birth certificate.

The consequences are brutal: drug dealer starts to chase Lena and Manou, an illegal immigrant Adia is left alone with her newborn baby and cannot even identify the corpse of her husband, who died in a car accident. After all of this, it seems difficult for Ige to seek forgiveness for himself from Thalia and the neighbors for whom he destroyed the chance of happiness.

  • Festival de Cine de Zaragoza – Best International Film
  • Los Angeles “Greek” Film Festival – Best Director
  • Tiran International Film Festival – Best Balkan Film
  • Calzada de Calatrava Festival – Viewers’ Award
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Wednesday, 17 June
Guest: Maria Lafi
Moderator: Efe Erdal
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06/17/2020 02:00 PM
06/17/2020 02:30 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – Holy Boom
Guest: Maria Lafi – Moderator: Efe Erdal
Year 2018, Greece, Albania, Cyprus
Language Greek, Albanian, Filipino
Type Documentary
Runtime 99′
Subtitle Turkish
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Maria Lafi
Scriptwriter Maria Lafi, Elena Dimitrakopoulou
Cinematography Ilias Adamis
Editing Yorgos Paterakis,
Kenan Akkawi
Music Lakis Halkiopoulos
Producer Lilette Botassi
Cast Nena Menti, Luli Bitri, Anastasia Rafaela Konidi, Samuel Akinola, Spyros Balesteros


Maria Lafi

  • 2001 – Love to Meat You (Short)
  • 2003 – Lou & Lena (Short)
  • 2006 – Circo de la Vida (Short)
  • 2014 – For Eternity (Short)
  • 2018 – Holy Boom