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꼬마 식물

Little Plant


A small plant searches for its family in a different place where there are no plants similar to it. For this reason, it visits a big castle, Yemeni refugees, people and different places. Finally, he accepts that he cannot find it and decides to adapt to the new life on the island, like other residents and refugees. Little Plant brings the refugees who are struggling to live in a different country away from their home and realizing an adaptation phase to the screen with a fantastic and metaphorical expression.

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Thursday, 18 June
Guest: Komeil Soheili
Moderator: Şebnem Vitrinel
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06/18/2020 12:30 PM
06/18/2020 01:00 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – The Little Plant
Guest: Komeil Soheili – Moderator: Şebnem Vitrinel
Year 2020, South Korea, Iran
Language Korean, English, Arabic
Type Short Documentary
Runtime 18′
Subtitle Turkish, English
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Komeil Soheili
Screenwriter Komeil Soheili, Hamidreza Ammarloo
Cinematography Komeil Soheili
Editing Saeed Atefi
Music Miro Kepinski
Producer Jooyoung Soheili
Cast Madeline Rosene


Komeil Soheili

  • 2015 – Freedom
  • 2016 – Laleh Complex
  • 2016 – Cold Birth
  • 2019 – The Cow
  • 2020 – Coexit