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Umudun Kanadında

On The Wings Of Hope


On th Wings of Hope depicts the 4 years of struggle for survival of 5 immigrants, one of them is a child, after the boat they were on sank while they were trying to cross to Greece from Turkey. In 2015, 5 Iraqi refugees who were escaping from ISIS attacks, were trying to reach Kos Island of Greece from Turkey’s coastal town Bodrum, even though their boat sank they managed to survive. Turkish journalist Zehra Yılmaz witnessed the disappointments, pain and hopes of these refugees for four years. Refugees who risk death for a new beginning, refugee boats sinking in the Aegean, lost lives and dreams.

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Wednesday, 17 June
Guest: Ümran Safter, Zehra Yılmaz
Moderator: Rıza Oylum
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06/17/2020 03:00 PM
06/17/2020 04:00 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – On The Wings Of Hope
Guest: Ümran Safter, Zehra Yılmaz – Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Year 2019, Turkey
Language Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic
Type Documentary
Runtime 61′
Subtitle Turkish
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Ümran Safter
Screenwriter Ümran Safter
Cinematography Adem Keleş, Ceyhun Bür, Umut Özçelik, Orkun Telli
Editing Ömer Leventoğlu
Music Derya Türkan
Producer Ümran Safter, Zehra Yılmaz, Suraj Sharma
Cast Masood Azya, Aisha Azya, Bejan Taha, Nahro Hadi, Mehmet Altay, Adem Keleş


Ümran Safter

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