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Scent Of My Daughter


On the 14th of July 2016, Bastille Day, Beatrice, who lost all her family members from the ISIS attack in Nice, brings the funerals, upon her father’s will, to Antakya Vakıflı Armenian Village where they migrated from. Beatrice meets with Syrian Hevi who has endured the same pain by losing her family and İbrahim who came back to his country for holiday at a motel in Samandağ. Later, these three new friends embark on a journey to find the missing relative of one of them. An emotional and expressive road story.

  • East Europe International Film Festival
    • Foreign Film Best Actor (Çağlar Ertuğrul)
    • Foreign Film Best Editing
  • London International Film Producers Festival – Best Supporting Actress (Yılşen Özdemir)
  • Milano International Film Producers Festival – Best Cinematography
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Saturday, 20 June
Guest: Olgun Özdemir
Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Instagram Live
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06/20/2020 05:00 PM
06/20/2020 05:30 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – Scent Of My Daughter
Guest: Olgun Özdemir – Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Year 2019, Turkey, USA, France
Language Turkish, French, English
Runtime 103′
Subtitle Turkish, English
Color Color
Format Digital
Director Olgun Özdemir
Screenwriter Olgun Özdemir
Cinematography Ali Utku
Editing Semih Gülcüoğlu
Music Onur Tarçın
Producer Ronald L. Carr, Olgun Özdemir
Cast Deniz Arna, Muhammed Cangören, Çağlar Ertuğrul, Şerif Sezer, Fehmi Karaarslan


Olgun Özdemir

  • 2009 Die Waage (TV)
  • 2016 Vicdan Ağacı
  • 2017 Mor Ufuklar