Project Description

Mare Nostrum

The Nightmare


Combined with live action, CGI and virtual reality 360° experience take the audience beyond emotions and the power of reality. Mare Nostrum partners the viewers on a young refugee’s journey from Sahara to the Mediterranean, full of difficulties, a nightmare, and it does this in the most realistic way possible with its VR experience. With the help of effective 3D technology, the power of influence reaches to a highest level and developing empathy is easier than ever.

Year 2019, Italy, Germany
Runtime 11′
Color Color
Format VR-360
Director Stefania Casini
Screenwriter Stefania Casini
Cinematography Alessandro Chiodo
Set Design and Costumes Gabriele Lasio
Music Yazan Alsabagh
Producer Flavia Oertwig
Cast Riccardo Zghoud Benoni, Fatima Dakik, Aminata Ndiaye, Kelly Vincent, Lucky Ahobnaubre


Stefania Casini

  • 1983 – Lontano da döve
  • 1988 – Roller Wings (TV)
  • 1996 – Un paradiso di bugie
  • 2006 – Chiudi gli occhi e vedrai (Kısa)
  • 2015 – Le acque segrete di Palermo (Belgesel)