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The Photograph


People who have to leave where they live, let their photo taken for the last time in front of a backdrop. The photographer gives the photographs to everyone and they move away from the backdrop. The Photograph takes a glimpse into the lives of all refugees who are forced to leave their country, from the point of view of the last moment they were together and happy. In doing so, the director who does not use any dialogues and thus does not offer any description, reveals his discourse on a global basis.

  • 55th Antalya Film Festival, Antalya Film Forum, Work In Progress, 2018 – Platform Award
  • 5th To Live Short Film Competition, 2019 – First Prize
  • 9th European Union Human Rights Short Film Competition 2019 – Second Prize
  • 12th İnönü University Short Film Festival, 2019 – Fictional Films, Third Prize
  • 4th Young Pioneers Short Film Competition 2019 – Mansion
  • 12th Rotary International Short Film Festival, 2020 – Fictional Films, Mansion
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Wednesday, 20 June
Guest: Ozan Takış
Moderator: Rıza Oylum
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06/20/2020 12:30 PM
06/20/2020 01:00 PM
Instagram Live Q&A – The Photograph
Guest: Ozan Takış – Moderator: Rıza Oylum
Year 2019, Turkey
Language No Dialogue
Type Short
Runtime 8′
Color Black & White
Format Digital
Director Ozan Takış
Screenwriter Ozan Takış
Cinematography Ferhat Uzundağ
Editing Ozan Takış
Music Mustafa Yazıcıoğlu
Producer Ozan Takış
Cast Şafak Gümüş, Özgür Kadem, Zuhal Seden Akbulut, Çağan Kadir Özkan, Mustafa Mert Tunç, Mehmet Gürsel, Sevil Karviç, Arzu Cabar, Gamze Acı, Damla Bitiş, Şafak Naz Bitiş


Ozan Takış

  • 2017 – Şekire Pembü (Short)
  • 2018 – Uyanış (Short)
  • 2018 – Kesik (Short)
  • 2019 – Fotoğraf (Short)