Gaziantep, which is the sixth biggest city of Turkey and the biggest city of Southeastern Anatolia region, is a metropolitan city with its population, economic potential, cultural richness and historical texture.

    Zeugma Mosaik Museum, which was opened in Gaziantep on September 9, 2011, is the second largest mosaic museum in the world with its 1700 square meter mosaik.
    Food in Gaziantep has a special place apart from normal nutrition. Desserts and dishes that is always made according to the season -especially the ones that made on festivals and special days- convey the heritage of social culture deliciously.
    The inns have an important place in the Seljuk and Ottoman civil architectural structures. They are constructed in accordance with their designs for commercial caravans and traveling passengers to spend the night comfortably and safely. They also served as guesthouses and markets, as well as food and ammunition warehouses in times of war.
    It is the historical fortress located in a peninsula -which was born with the formation of the Nizip-Birecik Dam lake-, in the village of Kamisli, within the borders of the Nizip district of Gaziantep.