How can I watch the films?

How can I watch the films?

You can access the festival films via the link: Festival Scope

Do I have to sign up on in order to watch the films?

Yes. The process of signing up is very user-friendly and takes about 1 minute. You need to have an email address to sign up.

Is there a fee for membership?

No. It is free to sign up on the Festival Scope platform.

Is there a fee to watch the films?

No. All the films and the events are free of charge.

Is there a quota or a ticket system to watch the films?

Yes. There are a limited number of tickets per film and you can’t watch the films once all their tickets are booked.

How can I book or get the tickets?

You reserve the films for yourself when you click on the streaming link for the film of your choice and start playing it.

When can I start getting/booking tickets?

You can start reserving the films for 24 hours at midnight on June 13th.

Where can I find the films I reserved?

You can find your reserved films at the top right-hand corner in the tab titled My Films located under your name.

How much time do I have to watch a film?

You have to watch the film within 24 hours of reserving it. The films you don’t watch will be deleted from your list and your tickets will be activated again.

Are there dubbing or subtitle options for the films?

The films are screened in their original languages with English and Turkish subtitles. There is no dubbing option.

Are the films available to watch worldwide?

No. As per the contracts with the right holders of the films, they will only be available for the audiences in Turkey.